Honey Trap

Check out our honey trap for you: buzzing food trucks with a variety of offerings to cover all taste buds and dietary requirements. Discover their honey creations especially formulated for The Big Buzz festival...they'll BEE there ready for you.

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Amaranto Pasta

Great Italian Food with a twist: It is all Gluten Free! The one-stop food truck serves up a delightful menu that covers every pasta craving possible.

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Source Kitchen

This is The Kitchen that will create a menu that stuns, showcasing top quality ingredients and the freshest seasonal produce from local farms, orchards and oceans.

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Wipe Out Kitchen

Finger licking spare ribs, crispy chicken wings with signature special sauce or lime and gingers beer battered fish and chips with Uncles Dunkles majo. What else can we say?

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Matakana Bacon Co

Bacon Butties and sausages, all nitrate free and absolutely delicious. 

Bacon That Loves You Back



Fresh authentic and fragrant Vietnamese food for you. From bowls of tasty and spicy asian dishes to fresh and light spring rolls

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Il Casaro

Our whole life dedicated to making cheese and researching the perfect recipes and ingredients to ultimately share it all with you! Come and sample these tasty cheese picnic boxes

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Little Sister Coffee

Havana is that groovy brand with party, hot days and good vibes. Coffee you Feel.

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Cook & Nelson

Lizzie Dyson is a professional mixologist with a passion for creating unique, sustainable, delicious, and healthy non alcoholic cocktails using Seedip non alcoholic spirits. Cheers!

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Victor & Verns

 A little mobile coffee & fresh soda kiosk.


Matakana Water

Refreshing, revitalising and rebalancing, Matakana Water is high-quality drinking water drawn from a 170-metre-deep, confined artesian sandstone aquifer. This is water in its purest, most untouched form, straight from the earth’s source. Bring your drink bottle!

Image by Mike Kenneally

Millers Coffe

Millers Coffee is a boutique Coffee Roasting Company, serving espressos since 1984