BEE happy

There’s so much happening at the Festival and we just can’t wait to get the party going. Our team has been busy planning and preparing for THE BIG BUZZ FESTIVAL, and we’re so excited for all the workshops, stall holders, talks and so much more we’ve got lined up. Browse the list below, to see what we have lined up for all the little bees/children and please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Giant Beehive to explore

Face Painting

Conscious Kids

Arts & Crafts 

Goat Island Marine Reserve Trust

Mums & Bubs

Pollinators' Open Library

Bee Jokes Wall

Bee Photo Booth

Paint a Beehive

Weaving with Harekeke

Talk to a Beekeeper

Sensory activities

Pin The Stinger

Readings from Author Rachel Weston

Parents supervision at ALL times


Limit to 10 children per activity

Age restriction for under 4years for all activities

All Day Activities

Giant Beehive especially built for The Big Buzz. Enter into a beehive and become a little honey bee yourself. This beehive is BIG and inside children will find bee photos and info on the walls and giant frames hanging from the ceiling...all at the buzzing sound of real bees recorded in a beehive!

Goat Island Marine Reserve unique touch tank

Mums & Bubs Zen Area....zzzzzz!

Pollinator Library & Book Readings thanks to the wonderful Warkworth Library.

Bee Jokes Wall - Read our funny jokes and add your own

Bee Photo Booth for the cutest photo ever

Hour by Hour

10.30am.    Paint a Beehive

11.30am.    Weaving creations with Harakeke

12.00pm.   Talks with a Beekeeper

12.30pm.    Sensory Activities with Beeswax


1.00pm.      Bee Arts & Crafts

1.30pm.     Reading and meet the author of "Bumblebees have smelly feet" Rachel Weston 


2.30pm.      Pin The Stinger on a Bee Game & Find the Hidden Pollen Game


3.30pm.     Reading and meet the author of "Bumblebees have smelly feet" Rachel Weston 

CONSCIOUS KIDS -  Junk Play brings a unique and creative play experience utilising a wide range of 'large loose parts' specially selected by our friends from Mahurangi Wastebusters, otherwise destined for landfill.

We will design and construct our own play spaces, limited only by our imaginations! 


"Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will take you everywhere." - Albert Einstein


Re purposing junk into resources for learning, creating an environment where children can play, invent and discover while promoting a cultural shift towards Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We welcome families to come along, join in, HAVE FUN and appreciate the benefits that encouraging free-play has on our children.


Best suited to children aged 3 - 12, the number of participants limited, first come first served. Adult supervision required/no drop-off